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We know your industry.

Every translation is just as unique as the customer's field of activity and requires a translator with similar training and experience.

We employ experts in the following fields:

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance is a core pillar at BMP. A number of BMP employees have worked at firms such as UBS, the former Swiss Bank Corporation or Credit Suisse. We work regularly for large universal banks, numerous private banks in Geneva and Zurich and the Swiss National Bank. Clients in this crucial segment also include SWX Swiss Exchange and SIS, Switzerland's international clearing group.

We have extensive experience in translating financial analysis, fund reports and regulations, annual reports and internal banking documents, to name the main fields.


BMP has worked for customers in the Swiss insurance industry for many years, dealing with a wide range of life, non-life and pension fund business.

Pharmaceuticals/Life Sciences

BMP Translations grew out of the pharmaceutical industry. The original partners were staff translators at Hoffmann-La Roche or at the former Ciba-Geigy in Basel. We work regularly for two large Swiss pharmaceutical firms and for a number of smaller Swiss and Swiss-based foreign drug and chemical companies.

We have a wealth of experience in fields such as medical reports and articles, SOPs, analytical chemistry, chemical engineering and environmental protection.


BMP acts as the English translator for one of Switzerland's biggest retailers, translating company documentation, documents destined especially for suppliers abroad and semi-annual and annual reports.


BMP people have worked in a number of industrial companies including MAN in Germany and the former Wild Heerbrugg in Switzerland. Some of Switzerland's leading names in the industrial sector source their translations from BMP.

Our experience in this field includes areas as diverse as precision engineering, the automotive industry, semiconductors, microelectronics, plastics and metal-working.


BMP has been supplying translations to companies in the transport and tourism sector for many years and has built up an impressive track record and considerable expertise in this field. Our customers include global forwarding agencies, logistics providers, railway companies, freight service providers and a number of prestigious hotels.


BMP has extensive experience and know-how in the legal field, translating a wide range of legal documents for both lawyers and private companies: contracts and agreements, articles of association, securities prospectuses and legal commentaries.


We translate a large amount of technical documentation and work for various Swiss and international radio organizations.


A large number of advertising and PR agencies in Zurich, Basel, Bern and western Switzerland regularly ask us to translate slogans, image brochures, annual reports and advertisements, which testifies not only to our linguistic abilities but also to our flexibility.


BMP has many years of experience and in-depth expertise in the tourism sector. Our customers include well known service providers in the travel industry and hospitality sector.


Companies in the field of arts also rely on BMP for texts that address their target audiences in the right tone and style.

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